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Engineered Paint Applications is North America’s foremost producer of paint booths and finishing systems for industrial coating, aerospace finishing, large equipment, and parts finishing companies. EPA designs, installs, and services most types of spray enclosures meeting a wide range of mission-critical applications.

Operating throughout North America since 1971, EPA is a leader in spray booth innovation. With decades of experience, we provide forward-thinking spray booth technology with a laser focus on energy-efficient and ecologically friendly production environments. Our enclosures are designed for high performance and meet the strict safety standards set by leading governing agencies such as EPA, OSHA, NFPA, local fire marshals, and municipal codes.

Available in crossdraft and downdraft airflow models, cabinets are constructed of heavy-duty, single-skin, 18-gauge, G-90 galvanized steel to provide complete structural integrity. Panels are pre-punched and easily erected using nut-and-bolt assembly. Insulated panels are also available depending on the type of application. With all our models, blowers, non-sparking tube axial exhaust fans, and ductwork are all sized to deliver uniform air circulation. Standard control panels operate the fan, motor and lights (including electrical disconnect, magnahelic gauge, magnetic motor starter, fuse branch circuits).


      • User programmable deluxe control panel allows complete control over booth functions (designed for applications requiring air makeup units, or enclosures with automatic air balancing systems)
      • Energy saving variable frequency drives and auto balancing air flow management
      • Stainless steel interior & exterior
      • Dual skin, insulated panels
      • Powder coated panels
      • Heated air makeup units
      • Custom material handling systems (engineered conveyance capabilities – monorail, power & free, or floor conveyor)
      • ETL listed, Class 1 Division 2, 4-tube fluorescent light fixtures with high output T-8 color-corrected tubes
      • Roll-up, bi-fold, or tri-fold doors
      • Automated door systems
    • Door safety interlocks

Our Line of Booths

Our powder coating spray booths are made in the USA specifically for powder coating applications and to meet sophisticated, multi-function processes.
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When your production line requires uninterrupted process throughput, EPA provides crossdraft (tunnel style) spray enclosures.
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Batch powder coating enclosures are designed and configured to meet the demands of all types of one-at-a-time production processes.
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Manufacturers desire custom finishing systems that accommodate unique product characteristics and process requirements.
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Open front paint booths provide a safe and clean environment for your finishing operations.
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EPA’s recirculating paint booths provide precise control of climate and airflow, while delivering the most efficient operating environment available.
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When you desire basic crossdraft technology or a heated and pressurized system, we can supply large vehicle and equipment refinishing booths.
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EPA offers highly efficient, direct-fired gas burners, which convert 98% of the fuel into heat.
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