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Conveyor Systems

ConveyorEPA furnishes conveyor systems to augment your surface finishing lines, including wet spray, powder coating, dip line, and E-coat paint application processes. For over 40 years, EPA has supplied dependable conveyor systems to the ever-changing surface finishing industry. From enclosed track and I-beam monorail conveyors to power and free conveyors, EPA will develop an effective material handling solution for you. Our experienced staff provides full technical service for every conveyor we deliver – before, during and after installation. We guarantee our clients will receive the very best and technically advanced conveyor systems available today.


Used generally for medium-duty applications, enclosed track conveyors feature modular components offering fast, hassle-free installations or modifications. Bolted together track designs make installations easier and eliminate the need for onsite welding. Parts are zinc plated and heat treated to decrease wear and improve resistance in corrosive environments.

Designed with low profiles in mind, drives and track sections can include small radius curves and sprocket turns on both the horizontal and vertical planes. This feature helps reduce the size requirements for ovens, spray booths, and other finishing process equipment. Available in either inverted or slot down configurations, our enclosed track designs prevent impurities from reaching chains and bearing surfaces, prolonging the lives of the chains themselves. Conveyors can withstand temperatures of up to 600°F.


With years of demonstrated reliability, I-beam monorail conveyor systems combine design flexibility with the ability to handle heavy-duty load capacities. Trolleys and load bars are available in capacities from 400 to 2,400 lbs. each and are ideal high-capacity solutions for transporting and storing your jobs.

I-beam conveyors offer long service life and are constructed of high carbon steel providing outstanding wear and load capacities. Intended for heavy use with smooth running operation, dropforged trolleys have rivetless construction. Chains are easily assembled and can be adjusted without the need for tools. Among the most widely used systems in the surface finishing industry, I-beam overhead conveyors bring increased efficiency to production lines, freeing-up valuable floor space by organizing your product flow overhead and eliminating material rehandling.


Inverted power and free conveyors offer features similar to overhead power and free conveyors with the added benefit of greater accessibility to your parts. If hanging parts will hinder your personnel or robotic operations, then this type of conveyor is an excellent alternative to support painting and other mechanized coating processes. Whether your load requirements are for small parts, or larger parts weighing thousands of pounds, we offer a variety of carrier routing options for mechanized systems incorporating multiple decision points.


The manual push-pull conveyor is one of the simplest types of conveyors and is a suitable alternative to powered systems. With manual push-pull conveyors, system operators manually push or pull parts hung on the conveyor from one point to another. Ideal for batch applications requiring flexibility with limited floor space, these conveyors can be used for both paint and powder finishing processes and are completely modular for ease of installation and modification.


Power and free overhead conveyors are best suited for finishing lines where parts need to be directed to multiple spray booths, or where gathering parts in ovens and other enclosures is most beneficial. Multiple tracks give operators the flexibility to manage products transported through the system.

These systems are extremely capable for challenging finishing processes that require a high degree of flexibility. Among other features, most designs provide the ability to stop individual loads without impeding the entire production line. Both types – inverted and overhead power & free conveyors – are designed to give you increased productivity and complete control over your process. To increase your production capacity where overhead space is limited, power and free systems offer a broad range of features, including variable chain speeds, high-speed indexing, adaptability to changes in elevation, side-by-side track configurations to improve product transportation, and can accommodate load capacities up to 20,000 pounds.

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