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Batch Washer

Batch Washer (3)


For processes where continuous pretreatment cleaning methods are less than ideal, we recommend a manual spray wand pretreatment approach. This batch, or “stand alone” method uses an electric motor to power a pump. The pump pressurizes the solution and feeds it to a hose through a heating coil, then on to a hand held wand assembly. Typically, heat is generated using a gas-fired burner to a heating coil. With this design, cleaning agents are introduced upstream of the heating coil by a chemical injection system. In most cases, hand held systems are best suited for cleaning large products, or in custom rinsing processes. Employing this type of system has many advantages, including low capital costs. This system is also advantageous for hard to clean, bulky pieces and in low volume batch processing situations.


  • 12-gauge mild steel or 14-gauge stainless steel housing construction
  • Entry and exit vestibules to reduce airflow leakage into the work zone
  • Holding tanks
  • Drain decks
  • Sludge screens to protect spray nozzles and pumps
  • Bag filtration (for fluid particle removal)
  • High efficiency gas fired immersion burner
  • Stainless steel grating to prevent parts from entering solution tanks
  • Wire mesh conveyor
  • Slat type belt conveyor
  • Monorail or power & free conveyor
  • Indexing hoist conveyor