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Continuous Washer

Cont. Washer (2)


A pretreatment product we frequently recommend is the recirculating spray washer with continuous overhead conveyor. Due to its efficiency, this type of washer is widely used and offers one of the best options for high volume production cleaning. This design uses a pump and a network of piping to transfer chemical solutions from the fluid reservoir to a set of risers. Nozzles attached to the risers spray a solution over the parts – that move along via the overhead conveyor – removing unwanted oils and contaminants as a result. Several advantages of this cleaning method include high production volume efficiency, a reduction in the required chemical concentration, an overall decrease in process times, and recirculating the solution keeps it fresh.

Alternatively, when cleaning parts that cannot be suspended from overhead, EPA offers a recirculating spray washer with continuous mesh belt conveyor. In contrast to the continuous overhead solution, with the mesh belt conveyor, parts ride on the surface of the belt instead. Belt conveyors are available in both plastic and wire mesh configurations.


  • 12-gauge mild steel or 14-gauge stainless steel housing construction
  • Entry and exit vestibules to reduce airflow leakage into the work zone
  • Holding tanks
  • Drain decks
  • Sludge screens to protect spray nozzles and pumps
  • Bag filtration (for fluid particle removal)
  • High efficiency gas fired immersion burner
  • Stainless steel grating to prevent parts from entering solution tanks
  • Wire mesh conveyor
  • Slat type belt conveyor
  • Monorail or power & free conveyor
  • Indexing hoist conveyor