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Shot & Blast System

Shot Blast Room 1


EPA offers an entire range of surface treatment systems. As a knowledgeable blast system provider, we can assess and advise you on every component, from blast room enclosures and material handling methods, to abrasive waste and reclamation options. As we begin our assessment, we will want to understand which type of blast system you plan to deploy, manual or automatic? Will you require a manual pneumatic pressure blast, or a suction blast system instead? Do you envision a single- or multi-operator production environment? What are your throughput requirements; high volume or batch?

Next we will recommend the right blast room size by evaluating the various dimensions of parts to be blasted. Then, we will seek a better understanding of your material handling requirements. Many options exist, whether you intend to load parts into the blast chamber with a forklift, a monorail, or an overhead crane.

The last step in our assessment process is to understand your abrasive reclamation requirements. What types of abrasives are being used? Do you intend to reclaim abrasives manually, or do you require continuous automation? Perhaps a screw conveyor is more suitable than a vacuum reclaim system? Regardless what you decide, protection against harmful blasting dust will be a top priority in our recommendation. Whether your process requires cleaning, roughening, hardening, polishing or de-burring, EPA will tailor a solution to meet your needs.