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Waste Treatment Systems

WasteMany surface finishing processes use water to wash away particle and chemical impurities from the parts being manufactured. Contaminants removed by these cleaning processes include buffing compounds, metal particles, tumbling abrasives, shop dust, and a host of other residues. While pollutants in these rinses are rarely problematic in well-designed waste treatment systems, contaminated dumps from process tanks can negatively impact the overall system and your bottom line.

EPA waste treatment systems are designed for use in closed-loop recycling processes, for removing heavy metals, and to achieve “zero discharge” from contaminated effluents produced by your surface finishing methods. Methods include tumbling, disc, high energy, vibratory and spindle finishing.

EPA offers several waste treatment alternatives intended to meet the strictest environmental regulations. We can propose a variety of solutions, from treatments for down-the-drain disposal to recycling of water for reuse. While each alternative presents its own set of benefits, properly designed waste treatment systems not only help the environment, they can reduce your operating costs as well. From soak cleaners to deoxidizers and electro-cleaners to desmutters, EPA gives you options to meet the most demanding cleaning requirements. You can count on us to deliver the right cleaning equipment and help you handle parts for the next step in your manufacturing process.


  • Degreasing baths
  • Integral cleaning tanks
  • Process and equalization tanks with cone bottoms for sludge removal
  • Filter membranes that can be mechanically or chemically cleaned
  • High temperature and low pump pressure cutoffs
  • pH control systems
  • Permeate reuse systems
  • Modular designs for future growth