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EPA engineers, fabricates, and installs all types of heat processing solutions providing any size enclosure to meet a wide range of painting, coating, and composite curing applications. Offering completely modular designs, ovens feature aluminized steel interiors and exteriors with J-beam interlocking panel construction incorporating non-settling, non-combustible ROCKWOOL® industrial insulation. To prevent unrestrained heat cycle expansion, cabinets are reinforced using structural steel frameworks.

Operating throughout North America since 1971, EPA is uniquely qualified to build paint finishing systems that suit most floor layouts and accommodate all types of utility requirements. Ovens can be fully integrated into new and existing industrial finishing systems, or configured as stand-alone units depending on the demands of your specific process. We design the ideal environment to handle most substrates, including paint, powder, a variety of composites, and concrete. Ovens are built in compliance with OSHA and NFPA86 requirements and standards.

When your requirements necessitate baking, curing, aging, drawing, annealing, normalizing, or preheating ovens, we welcome the opportunity to assess your heat processing equipment needs. Whether you’re considering an engineering analysis, or a complete turnkey process line, we want to partner with you.


  • Cure ovens (convection/IR)
  • Dry off ovens
  • Tunnel ovens
  • Batch ovens
  • Multi-zoned ovens
  • Conveyorized ovens
  • Baking and dehydration ovens
  • Enameling ovens
  • Aging ovens

Our Line of Ovens

Delivers close set-point tolerances and precise temperature control, including fast ramp-up and cool-down rates for consistent curing for all types of loads.
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EPA offers a variety of high performance drying ovens with a range of cabinet sizes and temperature capabilities.
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These specialized oven systems typically use both infrared and convection heating to complete the curing process.
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Batch ovens for heavy duty thermal processing applications requiring aggressive heat-up rates and tight temperature uniformity throughout the chamber.
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EPA provides burn-off, or heat cleaning ovens with a variety of heat distribution profiles, rate-of-change, and automatic process controls.
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Our specialty oven capabilities cover a multitude of industrial applications and offer a wide range of convection, or hybrid-style designs.
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